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Jeanette trefle

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We recently did 2 weeks in northern India and were able to cover the main cities in this time – Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Udaipur, Jaisalmer and more. We are also seasoned travellers – especially in Asia, but India stands as unique and indescribable, apart from the noise, the colour, the chaos, the life! India’s forts and palaces dwarf anything I have seen before and their scale and craft and presence are breath-taking. Unfortunately, there’s no escaping today’s poverty or pollution, but we found the easiest way to arrange everything was through Ganpat at Incredible Tour to India. We told him what we wanted and he arranged an itinerary, booked hotels, had a guide for every city and we had a modern, air-con car and wonderful driver, Vikram. We normally travel independently, but we broke our rule on this trip and were very glad we did. Ganpat was very efficient and went to great lengths to ensure we were comfortable and happy. We also like train travel,

Karen’s Big Indian Adventure (With Teenagers)

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We met Ganpat who checked us into the delightful Lalit Hotel at Connaught Place and briefed us on the next two weeks. He seems lovely – and we can’t believe he drove all the way from Jaipur to welcome us to India!
We thought we’d venture out for a walk in the morning – Connaught Place is supposed to be an upmarket area with lots of old colonial buildings and avenues, so we hoped it would be less crazy out there – but no. The frenzy is at full pitch, with hopeful, desperate touts latching on to us every step of the way.
We trekked around, stepping over a zillion sleeping dogs on the footpaths (how they can sleep in the crush of humanity I don’t know). People everywhere trying to sell everything you can think of. One little girl sidled up to Lachlan and snuck her paw into his pocket.
A rickshaw ride was absolutely terrifying. This poor tiny little man valiantly cycled across five lanes of screaming, honking traffic while I clung on with white knuckles. At one point we passed a cow lying down, chewing its cud in the middle of all the cars whizzing past – the place is completely bonkers! For the privilege of nearly killing himself for a large whitey the man charged me less than 50 cents.